Friday, May 28, 2021

Mustang News - End of the 2020-2021 School Year!

Thank you and have a wonderful summer!

As the 2020-2021 school year closes, I want to thank the MHS school community for all the support so we could make it to this point.  Everyone has endured so much!  On behalf of Mundelein High School faculty and staff, I want to wish everyone a restful and enjoyable summer!

MHS ended on a high note with hosting an on-campus Prom and Graduation for the Class of 2021.  Be sure to view the photos from these events below.

Class of 2021 Class Gift

Each year, the senior class looks to leave a memento which speaks to the 4 years they have been at MHS.  This year, the senior class is donating a vinyl wrap of a student painting.  Senior Brian Carranza created the image below as a representation of all the things that were on the minds and hearts of the Class of 2021.  This image will be placed in the school during the summer.


MHS Creative Writing Class creates Town Project Websites

In a tiny town known as Rockshore, a body washes up on shore, and all the citizens of the town are suspects. In a town far north of Rockshore known as Whittier, Alaska, the townspeople are busy preparing for the Winter Festival where life and death decisions will be made, and their fates lie in the hands of the town Elders. Who will stay, and who will be kicked out into the Wilderness never to be seen again? 

Mrs. Teuber’s Semester 1 and Semester 2 Mundelein High School Creative Writing students have been very busy creating these towns. Students work together to brainstorm towns and select one town to build and create together. They create a town map, buildings, and characters that inhabit and/or work in those buildings.  Each character has a separate story. This project strengthens student’s narrative writing skills, problem-solving skills, and provides them an opportunity to work together to design a product for a greater audience. See how their lives intertwine and visit their town websites. 

Town of Rockshore Link

Whittier, Alaska Link

Mrs. Teuber would like to thank her students for their inspiration, collaboration, willingness to take risks, and for their overall dedication to building their town stories.  Mrs. Teuber would also like to thank Hope Babowice (Instructional Aide) and Stacey Klemstein (Instructional Aide) for all their assistance in helping these students through the entire process of this project. This is definitely a work of heart and teamwork. Finally, Mrs. Teuber would like to thank Seth MacLowry, a teacher of Creative Writing at Maine West High School who shared this town project with a young and inspired teacher many moons ago. 

We hope you enjoy your visit to these towns. 


Omar Fathallah
Shout out Omar Fathallah (22) participated last week at a swim meet in Puerto Rico which is equivalent to Olympic Trials in the US. Just yesterday, we were informed that he has been selected as part of Puerto Rico's Jr National Team and he'll compete at the 2021 Central American and Caribbean Championships in late June. This winter Omar was a North Suburban Conference Champion , North Suburban Conference All Conference and an All-State swimmer for the Mustangs! Congratulations Omar, MHS is proud of you.

Summer Camps

2021 summer camp offerings view with this link

Beginning Friday 5/14 you can register for summer camps using this link

Prom 2021

Graduation 2021