Thursday, May 21, 2020

Mustang News - May 21, 2020 End of the Year Edition

It is with a heavy heart that this year ends.  It has been a difficult spring but I'm proud of how our school community soldiered through the difficulties.  With a positive mindset, MHS students and staff worked to make the best of uncontrolled situations.  Thank you to our parents and community for supporting MHS.  May we have a restful summer...

D120 and D75 Staff showing their team colors during food distribution.


Returning Students Drop Off
A second event has been designated for returning students to drop off school property.  Tuesday, May 26, 5pm to 7pm.  Parents and students should enter the staff parking lot off of Hawley Street and proceed to the North Gym where staff will remove items from the car.

Items to drop off:
  • Textbooks
  • Library books
  • Classroom novels
  • Band/Choir music and folders
  • School music instruments
  • Band/Choir costumes
  • Cameras and tripods
Class of 2020 Drop Off / Pick Up Event
The new date for the Class of 2020 drop-off/pick-up is Wednesday, May 27, between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  MHS needed to change the date as all the necessary components of the pick-up would not be ready until after the original pick-up date.  Also, due to Advanced Placement exams, seniors were still in need of course materials and technology. 

Class of 2020 drop-off/pick-up
This event is designed to adhere to social distancing rules.  The goal is to collect and distribute items without the senior/parent exiting the car.  However, if there is a need, seniors/parents will be required to park and come in the main entrance to resolve outstanding issues.  Seniors/parents will need a face covering to enter the school building.  Issues where seniors/parents need to come into the building will be MINIMIZED. 

Class of 2020 drop-off/pick-up will be located in the North Parking Lot next to the stadium.  Seniors/parents will enter the staff parking lot (west parking lot) off of Hawley Street and drive to the North Parking Lot.

Who May Attend
The senior/parent needs to attend this event to pick up materials.  Materials will not be given to anyone other than the senior or the parent.   

The student ID number will be needed to make this process as smooth as possible.

Senior/parent will not leave the vehicle unless there is an outstanding balance to be paid to the company that supplies the cap and gown.

Drop-Off Logistics
Senior/parent will place items to be dropped off in the trunk or back seat.  When the senior/parent pulls up to the school, the staff will remove the items from the car.  The senior/parent should never leave the vehicle.  Unreturned school property will be added to the student’s fees.

Seniors/parents will be dropping off the following items:

  • Textbooks  (replacement cost)
  • Library books (replacement cost)
  • Classroom Library novels (replacement cost)
  • Chromebooks and chargers ($200 Chromebook, $28 charger)
  • Athletic uniforms and equipment  (replacement cost)
  • Band instruments  (replacement cost)
  • Band and Choir concert dresses and tuxes  (replacement cost)
  • Band and Choir music folder and music  (replacement cost)
  • Other school property 
  • cameras ($500)
  • Tripods ($10)
  • Other (replacement costs)  
Pick Up Information 
The Illinois State Board of Education has issued strict restrictions regarding school ceremonies in regards to no “person to person” contact.  Therefore, MHS has adjusted to the Class of 2020 pick-up process. Seniors will be receiving multiple items that would have been handed to the student at a ceremony.  Receiving these items does not mean the alternative July dates for events have been cancelled.  MHS is only taking advantage of the opportunity to exchange items at one time in a controlled, safe manner.

Graduation Ceremony Update
MHS is producing a Class of 2020 Graduation Keepsake video.  As seniors will have their cap, gown and tassels, MHS is requesting the following items from each graduate:

  • A photo of the graduate in a cap, gown and tassels.  The photo should be from the waist up.
  • A video of the graduate tossing his or her cap into the air (should not be longer than eight  seconds)
  • If the graduate decorates his or her cap, please send a photo of the decorated cap and the face of the graduate.
All submissions can be downloaded  HERE.


The senior/parent will pick-up the following items:
  • Note from Administration
  • Cap, gown, tassels and cords (if money is owed for their cap, gown and tassels, cash will be accepted to receive the items)
  • Diploma
  • Diploma cover
  • Senior edition of the student newspaper
  • Senior Honors Ceremony Keepsake
  • Graduation Ceremony Keepsake
  • Awards or honor certificates from MHS
  • Letter from the Mayor of Mundelein
  • Please any questions regarding the Class of 2020 drop-off/pick-up event.


Mundelein High School FBLA Competes at a Virtual State Conference
Mundelein High School’s chapter of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) competed at the 2020 Illinois State Conference. The competition was modified this year so that all competitors could
virtually compete, as well as attend the opening and closing sessions. The conference was presided over by senior Sofia Feijoo as State Secretary.   

The State Conference consists of members competing in various events that test their business leadership skills. 

“We are proud of our members for competing at the State level, especially the extra work that went into a virtual competition,” said Chris Hoster, who advises the group along with Sarah Wilson. “This year, some of our students took tests, some had to create and send a video of their presentation, or some had to record a presentation over Google Meet with their team members. It was a lot of work, and the advisers are extremely proud!” Wilson said. “Mundelein adviser Chris Hoster also was responsible for putting together both general sessions for the conference,”she explained. 

Students who placed within the Top 4 at State are now qualified to compete at the National Leadership Conference, which will take place virtually June 29 through July 1. 

Mundelein High School FBLA members took home the following awards for competitive events:
  • First Place: Journalism: Ashley Cline
  • Second Place: American Enterprise Project: Sofia Feijoo, MacKenzie Stewart
  • Third Place: Management Decision Making: Sahil Patel, MacKenzie Stewart
  • Fourth Place:  E-Business: Kavana Belagur, Taneesha Tavkar; Social Media Campaign: Raina Kratz, Vikram Chandramouli
  • Fifth Place:  Sports & Entertainment Management: Cristian Santiago, Cale Sethna, Jeffrey Weiss
  • Sixth Place:  Introduction to Public Speaking: Alicia Brak  Public Service Announcement: Lauren Geary, Ellianna Pearson, Nathan Miller
  • Eighth Place:  Business Calculations: Nathan Clapp; Cyber Security: Christopher Hill; Global Business: Flavio Diaz, Sofia Feijoo, Ilya Vynnyk; Hospitality Management: Angelica Hernandez, Polina Rubin; Introduction to Business Presentations: Isabella Feijoo, Rafael Rosillo, Kyra Ryba; Introduction to Business Procedures: Aaron Anastos; Securities & Investments: Caitlyn Mathews
  • Ninth Place:  Digital Video Production: McKenzie Begg, Cameron Gilbert; Job Interview: Hannah Earich; Political Science: Alexis Hyde
Awards sessions can be viewed at

Yearbook, newspaper staffs score big in state competition
Mundelein High School’s student publications earned high marks in the Illinois Journalism Education Association’s (IJEA) yearbook and newspaper competitions. The Mustang, the student-produced school newspaper, earned 26 awards in 31 categories while the Obelisk, the school’s yearbook, received six awards out of eight categories in the yearbook contest.

“The students on both publication staffs put in so much time, effort and passion into their products,” said Michelle Didzbalis, advisor for both publications. “I’m always thrilled when the students are recognized for their hard work.”

The Obelisk staff took first place in the Best Coverage of School Year category. The Mustang Staff earned second place for Best Website and third for both Best Hybrid Publication (publications that appear in both print and online) and Best Overall Publication.

A detailed listing of all the awards received by the MHS publications is as follows. The Mustang:

  • Best Feature Story First Place:  Ashley Cline “Mundelein Took to the Skies: Lasting Impact of the Aviation Program.”
  • Best Sports News Story Third Place:  Kylie Carrier “Varsity boys basketball receives media coverage for success.”
  • Best Sports Feature Story Honorable Mention:  Kylie Carrier “Kasemets breaks records to place second at state.”
  • Best Sports Feature Story Honorable Mention:  Kylie Carrier “Guadarrama leaves a mark after four years of MHS wrestling.”
  • Best Staff Editorial Honorable Mention:  Editorial Board “Student Press Freedom Day:  The importance of scholastic journalism.”
  • Best Serious Commentary Third Place:  Tress Dorfler “The lack of learning with standards-based grading.”
  • Best Humorous Commentary Second Place:  David Bernauer “China donates part of Great Wall to US.”
  • Best Review Second Place:  Hannah Stanley “No jokes to be made about ‘Joker’ movie.”
  • Best Sports Photo Second Place:  Kylie Carrier “Wrestling.”
  • Best Sports Photo Third Place:  Hannah Stanley “SPED basketball.”
  • Best Illustration Honorable Mention:  Hannah Stanley “Santa Sleigh.”
  • Best Advertisement First Place:  Sarah Parduhn “Emil’s Sports Bar & Pizzeria.”
  • Best Advertisement Third Place:  Katelyn Staroszczyk & Ashley Cline “Mundelein High School Yearbook.”
  • Best Single-Page Story Package First Place:  Ashley Cline “Mundelein Once Took to the Skies.”
  • Best Centerspread Story Package First Place:  Hannah Stanley “Dancing Through the Decades.”
  • Best Centerspread Honorable Mention:  Hannah Stanley “Spooky season festivities begin.”
  • Best Photo Story First Place:  Hannah Stanley “SPED basketball game.”
  • Best Photo Story Second Place:  Kylie Carrier “Veterans Day assembly.”
  • Best Overall Design (print):  The Mustang Staff “August-September 2019 issue.”
  • Best Photo Gallery or Photo Slideshow Third Place:  Hannah Stanley “SPED basketball game.”
  • Best Photo Gallery or Photo Slideshow Honorable Mention:  Kylie Carrier “Veterans Day Assembly.”
  • Best Multimedia Story Package First Place:  Ashley Cline “Mundelein Took to the Skies:  Lasting Impact of Aviation Program.”
  • Best Multimedia Story Package Third Place:  Tress Dorfler “Honors Jazz Ensemble takes first at Purdue University.”
The Obelisk also earned Honorable Mention in the following categories:
  • Best Copy Writing, Best Sports Coverage, Best Use of Photography, Best Graphics and Best Divider Pages.

MHS College Counselor earns state recognition
Mundelein High School’s College Counselor, Andrea Rusk, has been recognized by the Illinois Association for College Admission Counseling (IACAC) for the 2020 James A. Alexander Newcomer Award. The IACAC Newcomer Recognition Award was inaugurated in 1987 to recognize significant
Andrea Rusk
Andrea Rusk
contributions of those members with fewer than five years’ involvement with IACAC. More than one award may be given each year. In 2004, the IACAC Executive Board renamed the award in honor of James A. Alexander.

Rusk joined the MHS staff as a counselor in 2011 and has been in her role as college counselor since the fall of 2016. She is joined by five other awardees including Christian Brown, Augustana College; Margaret Jones, Columbia College Chicago; Kate McKay, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater; Melissa Ramirez, Illinois State University; and Drew Small, Bowling Green State University.

IACAC is an organization of counseling professionals dedicated to serving students as they explore options and make choices about pursuing postsecondary education. IACAC members are counselors, admission or financial aid officers, active retirees, or students who are concerned about the future of education in the State of Illinois and in the nation. IACAC is committed to maintaining high standards which foster ethical and social responsibility among those involved in the transition process.

Lake County Tech Campus awards
Jordan Willis - Automotive Services 1 and
Jordan Willis
Genevieve Rector - Culinary Arts 1 have been recognized by the Lake County Tech Campus as students of the year in their respective programs.
Genevieve Rector

Sophomores earn admission to Grainger Virtual Summer Camp
MHS Sophomores Kajal Patel and Emily Navarette have earned places at the Grainger Virtual Summer Camp scheduled to take place at the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the camp will take place remotely, rather than in person.
Emily Navarette
Emily Navarette 

Kajal Patel
Kajal Patel

Funds to support the students' participation were provided by the MHS Foundation’s STEM-X Scholarship and also by Lawrence Maligaya, a 2005 graduate from MHS. Maligaya has provided financial support to the Foundation for students to attend summer camps for several years.

Some of the planned activities for the camp include:
  • Two-week experience of exploring the various engineering fields through presentations, speakers, demonstrations, and hands-on labs and projects. 
  • Virtual fieldtrips to working research labs on campus and related industries.
  • Unique breakout sessions around special interests such as women and minorities in engineering, college essay writing, and more.
  • Hands-on labs and projects using materials from the Lab Kit that will be mailed to the participants’ homes.
  • Meeting new people and engaging socially as well as academically in daily small group sessions via web conference, facilitated by a University of Illinois student who will be a guide for the week
College & Career Center

CONGRATS MHS 2019 graduate and now US Marine, Cristian Mendez. Cristian graduated three-month bootcamp on May 8, 2020. No attendance or family, no time off, onward to more training. This kid gave 110%, truly dedicated & amazing transformation from teen to Marine.

Cristian Mendez

Required Survey for Seniors
MHS Seniors,
If you are set in your decision about what you will be doing next fall, you are now able to complete one of your final steps before graduation!

MHS Graduation Survey
The MHS Graduation survey MUST be completed before your final transcript will be submitted to any post-secondary institutions, the military, or any future employers. 

Please review this document and follow the steps to complete this requirement. This will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Final Transcript Requests
After you complete the above survey, you are able to request your final transcript. Please see the “Final Transcripts” information box in your Naviance account for more information. 

NOTE: MHS does NOT send SAT or ACT scores. If required, they must be requested directly from ACT or SAT. Please do not select these options. Transcripts cannot be sent until all MHS grades have been completed, updated, and processed. Generally, this occurs in mid-June.  

Share Your Decision
The MHS College Ambassadors have found a way to celebrate the final decisions of the class of 2020! Please add your college, tech school, military enlistment, apprenticeship, employment, or other decision to this group! We are so proud of all of you and know that your impact on the world will be great! 

If you have any questions or would like assistance in making your final decision, or if you have any difficulties accessing your Naviance account, please do not hesitate to reach out! Just send a message to your counselor directly or to Mrs. Rusk at

Helpful Links regarding college changes due to Covid-19
Coronavirus and College Admission Information from NACAC
Colleges changing their deposit deadlines
College Virtual Tours

Paying for College
If your family’s financial situation has changed, you may be eligible for assistance.
Contact Bianca Ortega, our ISAC representative,( or 224-762-3559) at any time to schedule an individual appointment, or view the many available resources from ISAC that are on their website. 
Or reach out directly to the office of financial aid!

Juniors-Freshmen news:
MHS College Ambassador presentations are available
College Essay Workshop!  

Join the College Essay Guy, Ethan Sawyer (he’s fantastic!) for a FREE live workshop. Registration is REQUIRED, so please register ASAP for this phenomenal opportunity! 

The workshop will cover:
  • Day 1: Brainstorming + Picking a Topic (Other than Covid-19)
  • Day 2: Homework: Write a first draft
  • Day 3: Revising your first draft
  • Day 4: Homework: Write a second draft
  • Day 5: Upleveling your essay

Learn more and Register here!

Paying for College
   Facebook Live Sessions from ISAC
  • 04/28- ISAC Resources
  • 05/05- Financial Aid Process (for junior parents and students)
  • 05/12- Alternative Application Overview (for junior parents and students)
  • 05/19- College Visits (for junior parents and students)
  • 05/26- Planning for Senior Year (for junior parents and students)
  • View on Facebook

Contact Bianca Ortega, our ISAC representative,( or 224-762-3559) at any time to schedule an individual appointment, or view the many available Resources from ISAC that are on their website. 

MHS College Planning Guide
The MHS College Planning Guide is a comprehensive guide through the college planning process. It covers where to get started, financial aid options, timelines, college athletics, summer opportunities, the college planning workbook, and more! Click HERE to check it out.  
Connect with us!
Instagram: mhsccrc
Twitter: @mundycollege

College Planning Information
You can find all messages from me in ONE place in your Naviance account. Log on, then look in the far upper right corner. You will see an envelope that will tell you how many new messages you have (it’s probably a lot). Click on that button and you will be able to view any message that I have sent out in one spot! 

If you have any difficulties logging in to your Naviance account and your automatic password reset doesn’t work, just send me a message at and I can reset your password to help you get in. 
I will not be sending many individual messages, but instead fewer messages with more information included in a chart form. Scan down and view the parts that matter most to you. Many sessions are time sensitive, so please take a moment to check! 

These will be long, but there is information that is extremely valuable to your college preparation process. Please find the time to fully read what is available. 

Please remember that Mrs. Rusk is vailable for virtual meetings at any time through the end of the school year (May 20), just like she would be at school. Just send her an email at to set one up!

Type of Information
Name of Assistance
Short description/ link
Thinking about final grades
What colleges think of this semester’s grades
The below link will provide you with some information that could be helpful as you think about how this semester’s grades could impact your applications at the beginning of next year:

Grades and the impact of Covid-19
Summer Planning Ideas
Virtual Engagement Opportunities
Though this summer will not look like past years’, there are still opportunities for you to stay active! Check out some 2020 Virtual Engagement Opportunities

Remember, anything that you choose to do is better than nothing! This list includes online community support options, along with options to continue to engage in learning. If you already have other things happening, that is great! This is just an additional option.
General College Information Sessions
Now- 5/21

StriveScan Virtual College Exploration (register in advance)
The Strive Virtual College Exploration provides a robust and diverse schedule of events, with 300+ colleges from around the country.There will be 96 different presentation opportunities and students can browse the schedule or search based on topic, state, or specific college/university. They can also get more information on each institution presenting, including the school’s location, size, average GPA, test scores, and Test Optional status!

Links to additional resources
Coronavirus and College Admission Information from NACAC

If you don’t have a test score, you will still have many options. Check out the ever-growing list of Test-Optional Colleges for the class of 2021. 

There are already over 1,000 options for you!
Paying For College 
4/28 - 5/26
Facebook Live Sessions from ISAC
04/28- ISAC Resources
05/05- Financial Aid Process (for junior parents and students)
05/12- Alternative Application Overview (for junior parents and students)
05/19- College Visits (for junior parents and students)
05/26- Planning for Senior Year (for junior parents and students)

View on Facebook

Contact Bianca Ortega, our ISAC representative,( or 224-762-3559) at any time to schedule an individual appointment, or view the many available Resources from ISAC that are on their website. 

College Ambassador Advice


We thank our graduates for the hard work they have put into their education and athletics here at Mundelein High School.  The Coaches, Players and Fans Congratulate and wish you all the very best in all of your future endeavors. You all will be truly missed.

Girls’ Volleyball:
Elise Bernett, Belle Breitenreiter, Olivia Cartland, Megan Ford, Faith Krabbe, Alexis Naddy, Sydney Naddy, Willow Ottoman, Gloria Reyes, Yianna Schneckloth, Angelina Shepard. 
Boys Volleyball:
Max Castillon, Kai Gallardo, Alejandro Gonzalez, Craig Greene, Samuel Jeon, Ricky Osornio, Samuel Reizman, Andrei Varanic.
Non player Managers: Allison Kavanaugh, Kelsey Copper.

THANK YOU, to all the Teachers for the extra time you have put into e-learning so that the student body can complete this school years educational requirements!  Coach Dressen
Girls Basketball

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Girls Varsity Basketball Team as they earned All-State Academic Team by the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association, ranking 3rd place in Division 2.